• Solid Waste & Recycling

  • The Town’s Transfer Station, recycling center, and leaf compost site accepts almost all materials generated in Branford for disposal or recycling, except for large quantities of construction/demolition materials; stumps, large trees or grass clippings; or hazardous or biomedical wastes.

    The Town provides weekly collection of household trash, recyclables and cardboard for single-family homes through a private hauler, leaf collection in spring and fall, and free access to our permanent regional household hazardous waste center in New Haven 22 Saturdays a year. Rebates toward garbage and recycling collection costs are provided for condominium associations.



  • Make sure that leaves are out the night before your collection day!
    Leaves must be placed in brown paper leaf bags or loose in garbage cans.
    Never place leaves in plastic bags!

  • Resident Sticker Renewal

  • Resident Stickers expired on March 31, 2014.

    Please click here For Additional Information

  • Oversized Containers

  • Per our longstanding rule, the Town’s refuse hauler does not collect trash from oversized or overweight containers. Acceptable containers must be 50 gallons or less in size, weigh less than 50 pounds and have handles. Any trash in non-conforming containers will not be collected. An orange sticker will be placed on your trash container indicating if it is non-compliant and needs to be replaced; please be on the lookout for any such sticker. Your cooperation and understanding is greatly appreciated to ensure that your materials are collected.

  • Before you call…

  • Is there a sticker on it?

    The hauler should put on orange sticker on trash or green sticker on recycling if it was left behind for a reason.

    Is it too heavy?
    We don’t accept cans over 50 pounds or over 50 gallons containers.
    An orange sticker will be placed on your container if it is non-compliant. Please replace your container.

    Was your recycling left behind?

    Please see the recycling flyer

  • Recycling Paint

  • In July 2013, a new Connecticut law requiring the recycling of postconsumer architectural paint went into effect. Under the new program, the paint industry has set up drop-off sites throughout the state where consumers can take their unwanted paint. At this time the Transfer Station does not accept paint. Unwanted paint can be brought to HazWaste Central at 90 Sargent Drive in New Haven, or to one the drop off locations listed on the paintcare.org website or call (855) 724-6809.
    Friendly reminder: HazWaste Central is closed for the season

    Local paint dropoff sites include:
    Shermin Williams in Branford,
    Rings End Lumber in Branford,
    Goody’s Paint & Hardware in East Haven &
    Country Paint & Hardware in N. Branford

  • Weekly Curbside Cardboard Collection Added

  • We now collect corrugated cardboard with your weekly recycling collection. Residents no longer need to store their cardboard for the discontinued monthly large cardboard day. We ask that the cardboard be flattened, cut into small pieces and bundled. A good rule of thumb is that the pieces be small enough that they would be able to fit into your blue recycling bins.

    As always, unlimited amounts of cardboard that do not need to be broken down are accepted at the Transfer Station.

    Due to the increased amount of recyclables now accepted with your weekly curbside collection, secondary recycling bins are available at the Transfer Station.

  • Solid Waste & Recycling Department

  • Hours of Operation:

    Office Hours: 7:15 am to 3:00 pm M-F

    Phone staffed: 6:45 am to 3:15 M-F

    203 315-0622

    Fax: 203 488-6125

    Email: solidwaste@branford-ct.gov

  • Blue Recycling Bins

  • Our recycling bins are currently out of stock. Please check back here for notification that our shipment has arrived or contact the Department to request notification.

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    Mission Statement of the Department of Solid Waste & Recycling

    To promote the implementation of the solid waste hierarchy of waste reduction, reuse, recycling including composting, then waste-to-energy, and responsible landfilling; to promote the conservation of natural resources in a sustainable and cost-effective manner, especially but not exclusively as it relates to solid waste and recycling and to Branford, Connecticut; and to educate the citizens of Branford and provide residents, businesses, and Town departments with choices for safe, convenient, reliable, professional, courteous, and efficient means to dispose of solid waste and recyclable materials in compliance with all applicable regulations